A collection that celebrates the rare and the beautiful, sustainably sourced and locally produced in Switzerland. RUE VAUTIER’s Prêt-à-Porter Collection creates an intersection of beauty and simplicity, featuring straight-forward tops and bottoms made from exclusive deadstock fabrics from Italy in limited quantities. The use of deadstock is a circular initiative to use fabrics already in existence without having to launch new textile productions. But the materials are just as exquisite as they are sustainable. Primarily noble fabrics such as silk, viscose, wool, and lace, these fabrics find balance in RUE VAUTIER’s classic designs with subtle details - a result that is highly wearable, but also essentially unique.

The Prêt-à-Porter Collection is designed, developed, and produced in limited quantities by local seamstresses with haute couture backgrounds throughout Suisse Romande. Another sustainable initiative of RUE VAUTIER, this local production supports the local economy and enacts fair and family-friendly employment opportunities, allowing its team of seamstresses and pattern makers to pursue professional fulfillment while playing an active role in their family life - a value close to the heart of RUE VAUTIER’s designer and director, Naomi Walsky.